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The group is sexy, dressed to kill and are all about the music. Drawing on the talents of SA’s most experienced and renowned performers, including Top 10 Finalists from both IDOL’s and Coca Cola Popstar, the group is quickly making a name for themselves as one the most versatile and dynamic groups on the circuit.

Each event will use a selection of different singers specifically selected for your event from Boki Ntsime to Tracy-Lynn Brainers and are constantly bringing in new, trendy artists that keep the band fresh and exciting.

The combination of male and female singers provide a great energy on stage, whilst allowing the band to perform songs from any genre. Perfect for Black Tie events as well as those events that want the music to be faster, larger and louder!

Cappuccino perform as either a 3 Piece (Backtracks), a 5 Piece (Sax & Keys) or a Full 7 Piece Band.

The repertoire is funky, fun and the selection of current local songs makes them a firm favourite for South African guests.”

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