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The Buzz



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The Buzz is a teen pop sensation developed in early 2015. Comprising of 12 energetic young adults, they are ready to launch into the South African industry with a BANG!

All 12 members are between 15 and 22 years old, and hungry to make an impact on the Youth of today. The Buzz forms a platform for them to launch into the industry as a starting point for their very bright futures that lay ahead.Out of the 12 artists, clients may request specific make ups to fit their budget, and size of their event. 7 of our 12 artists are still in school, and the other 5 have either matriculated or are in a home schooling environment.

Aimed at the ever growing, and popular, “Tween” market, the artists within the buzz each cater to unique sub cultures that exist in the pop market today.

Be prepared to squeal along to popular tracks by artist’s ranging from WHAM!, Katrina and he waves all the way to popular artists today, Olly Muhrs, Demi Lovato, 1 Direction and Beyonce.

This Buzzing Bunch are guaranteed to get everyone on their feet, regardless of age. Each artist has a unique story and background, and have put their all into this team.

Fashioned on the model of Glee, The Buzz has no specific market, but rather are relatable to each and every person who watches them.

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