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2PM DJ's


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2PM DJs might share the same name and childhood experiences, but is it their passion for the hip-hop genre that promises to change the perception of women in the nightclub deejay scene?Palesa Manne, 28, and Palesa Maakwe, 30, both originally from Kagiso, west of Joburg, left their comfortable jobs as a tax agent and a bank motor financial consultant respectively to pursue a career playing mainly hip hop at joints around Mogale City.

Three years later, 2PM DJs have grown their business and brand as their long list of gigs goes beyond the Kagiso area.

“We have known each other since our early teens and we even went to the same schools. But it was after we finished high school that we realised that we were hanging out at the same turn ups (parties) and we seemed to enjoy the same music genre, hip hop. We even joked that we would be DJs, but at the time there weren’t a lot of female DJs around,” said Manne.

They continued to pursue their individual career paths but their passion for music was still burning within them until they took the plunge in 2017.

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