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DJ James


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A born entertainer and down-to-earth groove guru, James has jammed alongside South Africa’s A-list personalities and artists, bringing the party to life. From spinning diverse music genres to rocking the mic as a charismatic MC, James shines bright in a sea of talent. With an impressive 17 years in the entertainment realm, he has honed the knack of capturing a crowd's vibe, turning every event into an epic memory-making fiesta.

Picture James oozing confidence behind the decks, mixing up old school classics, amapiano jams, 80s bangers, pop delights, rock anthems, house beats, kwaito rhythms, and those gotta-move mainstream tunes. It’s all about that magical connection with the crowd, dropping beats right on cue.

Brace for impact – James's electric energy, contagious enthusiasm, and top-tier professionalism are the secret ingredients to transforming your event into an absolute smash hit.

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