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DJ Yamke


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Cape Town

Yamke, a Cape Town-based DJ, embodies the essence of rhythm and beat through her mastery of Amapiano and a broad spectrum of House music, including Electronic, Deep, and Afro genres. With a dynamic presence that has graced numerous events and nightclubs, Yamke has also showcased her talents on both radio and television platforms, bringing a fresh, energetic vibe to diverse audiences. Her expertise is backed by esteemed qualifications from the Soul Candi Institute of Music, the Fuse Academy, and the Pioneer DJ Institute, reflecting a commitment to her craft that is as profound as her knowledge base. Yamke's professional journey is marked by her adaptability and skill, ensuring that every performance is not just a set but an immersive musical experience. Beyond her technical abilities, Yamke is recognized for her warm, engaging personality, which captivates and connects with people on and off the dance floor.

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