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Equilibrium - Sax & DJ


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Western Cape

EQUILIBRIUM was founded at the end of 2018 and has already gained a following and a name associated with unique feel-good dance music by audience members.

DJ Ryan L and Kirst on Sax infuse tropical house, commercial electronic, and old-school remixes with the warm sounds of the saxophone – providing a bit of something for any guest to sing along and dance to.

DJ Ryan L has a knack for reading the crowd on the spot and quickly jumps to provide them with something to suit their energy and mood, while Kirst provides a vibey and feel-good energy with her saxophone!

What makes this act unique is that every show is shaped differently according to the venue and audience-goers.

Kirst on Sax is not the only one who plays the sax. Yes, you guessed it, DJ Ryan L maintains the ‘balance’ by playing his own sax in some of the songs.

EQUILIBRIUM is already working on expanding their act by adding in the musical ‘forces’ of the electric guitar and congo drums.

This is EQUILIBRIUM, South Africa’s newest and most dynamic sax-DJ duo.

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