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King Pies


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Take two twenty-somethings who have a love of music and the mandatory takkie-squeak,throw in some party favourites and some hilarious costume changes, give them a completely random outfit and an even more random DJ name, and you get hours and hours of uninhibited partying for this season’s events.

The King Pies is the brainchild of Justin Serrao and Rowan Gibb. Untrained DJs, they consider themselves the Best Worst DJs in the world. The pair started hosting parties in their backyards around a braai selecting music to get their friends not only dancing, but laughing. They rapidly took this concept out of their homes and into the clubs and their demand for a good ol’ razzle for corporate events has just taken off!

Their chosen repertoire comprises commercial hits from the 90s to 2016. Throwback to your Standard 5 Disco choons from Monster Hits Volume 3, to the radio hits of today. They’ll pull out favourites from Dr Album to Gypsy Kings, all in an effort to create an old-skool-meets-new-skool jol!

They’re quirky and don’t take themselves too seriously. This twosome is great at reading rooms and raising roofs!!

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