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Craft Beer Trucks and Beer Pong


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King Pong mobile rental service for small to large scale events with a unique difference that all our drinks are dispensed by the Bottoms Up dispenser. Allowing us to dispense drinks a lot faster as well as more efficiently.

We are able to supply a large range of craft beers, craft Gin & Tonics, Cocktails and other mixed drinks as well as beer pong tables and other fun drinking games.

We are also able to provide bespoke customised magnets that provide unique branding or promotional opportunities with the assistance of our talented and creative branding/marketing team.

These will be the biggest billboard in your venue!

King Pong can offer you a whole host of mobile bar options. These options include the following:

Mobile bar cart:

2 tap up to 6 taps

Event Trailer :

6 built in taps,

It sits about 3 meters tall and 4.5 meters long.

We’ve wrapped in a dark ‘wooden cabin’ vinyl….needless to say its hard to miss

Beer Pong tables :

with or without a built-in dispenser

Jockey Box: cooler box with built-in tap

Pair this with our bierfest girls.

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