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Corporate Video Messaging


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Do you need to communicate your COVID-19 related message virtually to your staff with clarity and in an engaging way? 

We bring your message to life with professional actors on screen in order to educate your staff on what is expected of them and what to expect from you during these tricky times. We script, write, cast, direct, film and edit your video after consultation with you ensuring effective turnaround times.

Trust us to speak to your people in a way that will help them to adhere to government regulations and ensure smooth running despite ever-changing parameters. This video can be shown multiple times and sent to numerous employees making for streamlined and effective communication.

Whether you want a simple message-driven narrative or a story centered message we will swiftly create it all.

We can either (under strict social distancing guidelines) visit you on-premises or film from lockdown. Be impactful with your message and speak to us today!

With over 54 years of combined theatre experience, Elegant Entertainment have industrial theatre scripting, writing and project management experience that can bring efficiency to the table during these new and challenging times.

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