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Michael Abrahamson


Michael Abrahamson is a Memory Expert and Mentalist well-known for his Power-of-the-Mind Shows which showcase how powerful the mind can be.

These Shows are interactive and highly-engaging Corporate Shows intended to inspire and mesmerise audiences. The Power-of-the-Mind Shows suit a variety of audiences with a mix of entertaining moments and unforgettable demonstrations.

He has also created the PowerBrain Memory Courses which are uniquely designed to help people harness their minds and memory to extract a number of beneficial skills.

These courses are aimed at corporates who require workshops to assist their teams in accessing the power of the mind with great benefit to the individual and the organisation at large.

They are also designed to assist students at schools, universities and colleges with their memory, study skills and coping mechanisms when preparing for and writing important exams, and learning daily lifestyle and motivational skills.

Michael also currently holds a Memory World Record

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