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Tony Wake


Tony Wake: The Mindwalker, has taken South Africa by storm and has brought an exciting new element to the fraternity of hypnosis. Famous for his uncanny abilities of suggestion, influence, persuasion, and hypnotic performances that has brought him much public acclaim and allowed him to transform and broaden the beliefs many have in the capabilities of the mind.

Tony always seem to amaze his audiences with his special brand of hypnosis and performances that take the spectators and volunteers through a roller-coaster of emotions that varies from hilariously funny, to mysterious, and at times even downright scary.

He is also well-known as an extraordinary trainer of all matters related to the human mind and human behaviour, development and empowerment, not to mention being a favourite entertainer and speaker within the corporate business world.

Tony is also the founder & Director of Mindwalker Research and Development – an organization aimed at teaching advanced communication, behaviour, influence, persuasion and business skills to those dedicated enough to learn more than the average curriculum can teach.


“Wow, thank you. Tony was exceptional. The client was really impressed, they loved the show, they even allowed him to exceed his allocated time after initially being so pedantic about cutting the show….wow! Tony and Celeste were also accommodating, patient and never showed their possible frustration with us running late. They were just awesome. Thank you for being great and proposing only great options.” – Stacey, Pink Pumpkin Events”

“He is probably the most dangerous man in South Africa. A five-star quality performance!”

– D. Nthumba 

“Tony’s performance changed the evening!  We were completely mesmerized by his show.  I particularly enjoyed his interaction with the crowd, the fact that he read the crowd and used this in the show.  I would highly recommend him!”

– C. Cesman“

I used to think that I couldn’t be hypnotized…  Well, let’s just say Tony proved that idea wrong, and very quickly too. He’s a great entertainer! I felt completely safe while under his “spell”.

– J. Grove 

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