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Vicus Cruywagen


Magician Vicus Cruywagen is the ideal magician if you’re looking for a contemporary Vegas-like magic SHOW because he specializes in highly visual magic performed to a soundtrack – a branch of magic rarely seen in South Africa.

These specialized acts have made him a favourite for cruise liners, casinos and theme parks abroad where a language is a barrier …Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and more!

Vicus’ promotional video will give you a good idea of his unique, varied and highly visual stage magic repertoire – from spectacular acts to interactive and intimate magic where spectators are invited on stage to experience the magic first hand.

Vicus is a Johannesburg-based magician and has been performing magic professionally for 25 years. He can perform solo or assisted by a gorgeous lady in a variety of glamorous costumes and customizes his shows to best suit each venue & event.

Vicus builds his magic props in his own workshop, which adds to his work’s unique edge. In his spare time, he also designs and builds magic equipment for other magicians. He is a member of the Magic Circle and convention convenor for South Africa’s national magic convention.

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