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Wian Van Den Berg


Biggest magician on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in the Southern HemisphereStar of his own TV show (international)SA’s most popular and most followed magician Millions of views online Performed for the Springbok rugby team (30 man squad and coaches)SA’s Got Talent finalistRegular TV appearances and performances for celebrities

Wian, 23 years old, born in South Africa, grew up in a small town and first saw a magic trick on the Ellen Degenerous show. He then started trying to figure the tricks out and eventually became a self taught professional magician in South Africa. He has studied material from some of the best magicians around the world.

In 2015, he auditioned for South Africa’s Got Talent. He had an incredible reaction from the crowd and was stormed outside by people wanting to see more.

Since then, he has performed around the world and been featured on numerous television shows, news interviews, performed for the entire Springbok rugby team and filmed a TV series in Cape Town. He has been seen by some of the biggest celebrities such as South African DJ, DJ Fresh, Springbok rugby captain, Siya Kolisi, International model, Lala Hirayama, Ambassadors and princes, American celebrities Shammi and Jackson, and has drawn the attention of American TV producer, AD Oppenheim, who immediately signed him for potential US TV shows in the future.

He has performed around the world for some of the biggest companies like Mercedes, Coca Cola, Absa, Mercedes, Vodacom and BMW. He is well known for his unique comedy style that he brings to his magic, and adding laughs every minute of his show. He is also well known for his social media videos. He has gained millions of views all around the world, and is one of the only magicians in the world to be featured on some of the biggest viral facebook pages, like UNILAD, Viral Trends, The Magic Show and more.

It has made him quite recognised on the streets and has now moved on to become the biggest magician on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in the Southern hemisphere.

Some noteworthy tricks he is known to perform include the card through window effect, the phone in glass bottle trick and the self tying shoelace trick. From growing up in a small town in the Free State, to performing on TV shows, celebrities and getting millions of fans, Wian dedicates his life being kind to others, being grateful everyday to get to live his dream and meet new people along the way. What he loves most is being able to walk up to anyone anywhere in the world and showing them something they will remember forever. He is honored to be considered one of the youngest up and coming magicians out there.

Comedy Magic Stage Show:

Wian calls people on to the stage, making jokes, amazing them, world class visual magic as seen on TV, and laughs every minute. For audiences larger than 200, a live feed on aprojector screen is optional for an enhanced experience. The stage show is perfect forcorporate events, conferences and a wide range of events.

Close up Walk around Magic:

Magic that happens right infront of them and in their own hands. As seen by millions onWians popular videos. Money multiplies infront of their eyes, a photo changes on theirphone. People will take out their phones and film this world class magic and keep talking about this all night.


“He’s the best I’ve ever seen”

– DJ Fresh.

“How the ***, no way!”

– Brendan Peyper.“

Unbelievable”– Jerry Springer

“Wian really was fantastic! Blew me away with his tricks and we loved that he was very interactive with the crowd!”

– Zoe, JellyBean Concept Events‘

That was amazing!’

– Lala Hirayama (international model)

No way my brother!’

– Siya Kolisi (South African rugby team captain)

‘This dude is incredible’

– Shammi and Jackson (American celebrities)

‘He is unbelievable!

’– Priven Reddy (CEO, billionaire and entrepreneur)

‘Great work!’

– Rick Lax (American Magician who Fooled Penn and Teller)

‘I have never been so excited about anything’

– AD Oppenheim (American TV Producer)

‘Say Hello to South Africa’s version of David Blaine’

– 2 Oceans Vibe (Newspaper)‘

The SA Magician that everyone is talking about’

– The South African (Newspaper)

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