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Duane Rockwell


Whatever the occasion – an awards ceremony, a gala dinner, a conference, a launch, a quiz night – Duane delivers his unique combination of energy, professionalism and ability to any audience he finds himself in front of.

With experience on live TV, Duane is just as happy working with a script, as he is without! Interviews, auctions, off-the-cuff banter are all part of his skill-set. He is easily capable of taking on the role of facilitator, host or MC and brings a fresh and original approach to ice breakers, energizers and team building scenarios. As an MC, he has the ability to clearly deliver your message, control proceedings while ensuring everything runs smoothly, and adapt to ever-changing situations as they come up in a live environment.

His philosophy is simple… “Don’t just educate them, entertain them!” Duane does exactly that while guaranteeing a magical and memorable function for all who attend. Dynamic and driven…as a corporate DJ Duane Rockwell has the ability to read an audience and deliver what they are looking for with style and professionalism. His sheer love of music and desire to see people enjoy themselves ensures that he brings the very best to every party he plays at.

Duane Rockwell started DJ’ing because of his honest love of music, and that love remains his driving force to this day. His dance floor philosophy is simple – “it’s your party. It’s all about you and the dance floor. My job is to keep you there!”


“Duane was amazing. He had everything under control and it was such a pleasure working with him. AAAS will definitely use him next year again.”

– Joanika, Joburg Conferences


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