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Mel Jones

Western Cape

Born and raised in Cape Town, Mel Jones describes herself “the favourite” of three siblings. She is a single mother, an award-nominated comedian, an energetic MC and an award-nominated radio producer and presenter. Her whirlwind romance with comedy started when she was fondly received for her performance in a local comedy gala only 6 short weeks after doing her very first open mic spot.

Since then, you may have heard her on the radio as co-presenter of a very popular morning show, seen her on SABC’s Comedy Showcase, the Phat Joe show, the King Size Comedy Tour, the Blacks Only Comedy Show, Mind The Gap, The Heavyweight Comedy Jam, Kings & Queens of Comedy, the critically acclaimed comedy & sketch show, Bitches, the Vodacom Funny Festival, where she was their very first female host, Comedy Central, the Jo’burg International Comedy Festival, as a celebrity contestant on the local TV game show, Noot Vir Noot and she is hugely popular as a corporate comedian and MC.

There’s also a strong possibility that you may have read about her in various magazines (not the “bikini” mags – the edu-tainment ones. Ask her mom, she’s saved every copy). In fact, she has joined the ranks of an elite group who were selected to be the guest editor for an edition of Khuluma magazine.

She’s also been featured in a book called ‘Mitchell’s Plain – A Place in the Sun’ which led to an award-winning production, in which she starred. The production was also showcased at the Suidoosterfees at the Artscape in Cape Town for 2 years in a row. And, staying true to her roots has earned her a title of one of 12 ‘Mitchell’s Plain Heroes’. These people were selected as individuals who uplift the community and inspire young people who grow up in similar surroundings.

The comedy shows, ‘Doing It for the Money’, ‘Still Doing It’ and her solo show, Just Me with an “L”, have been met with great reviews as a Cape Town hit. Mel takes laughter and hilarity very seriously and, as one of only a handful of female comedians in the country, she is part of a very exclusive club.


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