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Vikash Mathura


Vikash Mathura (48) is one of the most recognizable and respected personalities in the South African entertainment industry. Academically, he is armed with two Masters’ Degrees (in Business Administration and Marketing). He spent 27 years in the Corporate Sector, working in Executive Leadership roles for various local and global multinational corporations. But while he has a talent for the sciences, he also has a passion for the arts.

In 1991, Vikash was spotted whilst modeling for various fashion brands in Durban. After beating out more than 5000 applicants, he became the first South African Indian anchor presenter on SABC Television’s “Impressions” magazine show. A year later, he was asked to audition for a vacant presenter’s role on Lotus FM Radio. He had never harbored any ambitions to work on Radio or Television, but his entry into the radio industry sparked a love affair that would last for 22 years. From 1992 to 2014, Vikash was ranked as the station’s number one presenter, having consistently hosted its highest-rated shows. During this time, he began experimenting with voices and mimicry, a talent that he would introduce on his radio shows in the guise of various characters that he would create.

In 1997, Vikash co-created the “Peru & BalaTM” brand. To date, this trademarked and copyrighted brand remains the most successful comedy creation in the history of the South African Indian entertainment scene. Vikash also expanded his portfolio into theatre. He has appeared as the lead actor in more than 850 theatrical productions, many of which were in sold-out tours. He continues to write; produce; direct and star in productions, often playing various comedic characters that his followers have become fans of.

In 2013, Vikash made his television acting debut when he played a cameo role on Isidingo (SABC). In 2019, he was cast in an international television episode of “Banged Up Abroad”. In the same year, he made his feature film debut in the comedy “Peru & Bala: The Movie”, which is currently in production and slated for cinematic release later in 2020. He is also preparing for his second feature film lead role which will be filmed in South Africa and Mauritius later this year.

Vikash has never studied acting; theatre; or drama. He is a science and business graduate who took his passion for the arts to another level. He is known for his distinctive baritone voice, and for his talent as an actor who slips in and out of various characters with ease. Vikash has been married to JJ Mathura (another famous South African entertainment personality) for 27 years, and the celebrity couple have two children, Shabadh (24) and Simran (22).


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