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BISOUX Jazz Trio


BISOUX (pronounced “bee-zoo”) means KISSES in French!This cutting edge trio invites you to experience an INTIMATE live JAZZ performance delivered with nothing but sophistication, PASSION, and incomparable world-class musicality.

WENDY ALLEN TWYFORD fronts the outfit as lead vocalist with her sultry honeyed tones, funky flair & improvisational zest… adding her unique spice to the mix with spunky Latin percussion.Highly acclaimed pianist

DR. ROLAND MOSES brings a breath-taking depth of musicianship to the trio with his lush layers of harmony & hauntingly beautiful melodies.

Nigerian born electric & double bassist AMAESHI IKHECHI consistently dishes up a generous dose of musical ‘va va voom’ with his very engaging stage persona & passionate delivery!

Collectively this innovative complement performs a selection of swinging standards, rhythmic Latin numbers, sultry ballads, and smooth á la mode favourites… infused with the inimitable BISOUX essence.

The perfect musical finishing touch to a high-end cocktail party, executive networking gathering, ambient dinner set, or up-close-and-personal soiree.

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