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Cristina Rodrigues


Singer and crossover violinist Cristina Rodrigues – one of few entertainers in South Africa who uses both solo instrument and vocals in her performances. Quite an advantage in a market filled with tight budgets – two for the price of one. “Dual-muso”

Cristina loves collaborations. If she’s not flying as an aerial violinist for the launch of an Adcock Ingram product or “floating” in Carol Thorn’s beautiful bubble, she’s performing for arrivals as a “living VIP red or black carpet”, entertaining guests on a golf day as “”The Girls”” performing on the beach in Mauritius for Momentum with a group called “Fever” or playing for 10 VIP’s at the Saxon.”


“It’s her versatility that is so refreshing”

– Alex from Investec.

“We loved her so much we booked her for our wedding. She played my beautiful bride down the isle with her electric violin and then sung a song just before we shared our vows.”

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