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Debby Jamieson

Cape Town

A TASTE OF BETTE MIDLER written and produced by Debbie Jamieson

Directed by Celia Musikanth

Musical Director Ted Faulkner

Alan van der Merwe on Piano

Ted Faulkner on Bass

Ivor Jacobson on Drums

Choreographer Paul Johnson

Lighting and Sound Gary Farghe

Reviewed by Lieske Bester

Supported by a quality and sensitive trio of musicians this is a classy and most enjoyable production. Debby Jamieson sings and dances a treat and looking lithe and lovely with a strong stage presence is an undeniable bonus.

Whether you do or do not know Bette Midler and her musical career (there is more than a passing visual resemblance) this young artist has put together an amusing and informative script and a varied programme presented with gusto.

Against a backdrop (Johnson) that is both glamorous and minimal

Defined direction and choreography enhance the selection.

Ballads (From a Distance, the stirring Wind Beneath My Wings and The Rose) are effectively contrasted with physical numbers (Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy, the provocative Stuff like That), witty theatrical gems (Miss Otis Regrets, Shattered Illusions, Is That All There Is?). Combining all her performing skills makes Masochism Tango a dazzling finale.

The instrumental interludes (In the Mood and Chattanooga Choo Choo) fittingly display the talents of the musicians individually and together.

Debby Jamieson has cut her teeth in the competitive UK entertainment market, and this is a promising debut on the South African professional stage.

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