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Denzil Erasmus


“A young saxophonist extraordinaire bringing instrumental music to new heights”Born and raised in Hanover Park, Cape Town, South Africa. He is the son of Amelia and Desmond Erasmus, a family of four. Coming from humble beginnings, where he completed junior and high school at Liesbeeck and Mondale Secondary where he received music education repeatedly.

His father Desmond Erasmus had a great love for music while his mother Amelia Erasmus sang in a choir. As a baby his mother used music to make him fall asleep. Coming from a poor living background, his mother had work to keep both him and his eldest brother alive. In the generation of the Erasmus Family, he is the only musician and made it this far. Music has always been the atmosphere in their home and part of his young up bring.

Growing up, playing the saxophone in church is where this all started for him. He blends the sound of gospel and jazz to present a dynamic music experience. Growing up as a teenager, he had no idea that he would end up making music and doing it as a full-time career. A young man with a distinctive mission and purpose in life allows his music to be a powerful message in surroundings. With little formal training in music, he took it upon himself. Got equipped and it all changed his life around.

A saxophonist that embraces the soul……With kind of attitude as a musician, it has put him playing with major artist all over in different styles of music.

Through pain and hurt nothing has ever stopped him from reaching for the stars in life. His music career has taken him from nothing to being a major role player and a great influence in society. This them down due focusing on his own personal career.

Renowned as a powerhouse saxophonist of note, he has established himself as founder, manager and bandleader of The Denzil Erasmus Project and The Denzil Erasmus Jazz Trio. In July 2016, Denzil Erasmus released his first 14 track album under the Big Fish Music label called Journey Of Grace.

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