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Western Cape

“Selecta of groovy, uplifting dance tunes with infectious melodies and harmonies for a feel-good, vibrant atmosphere. From mellow to bellow, I’m your musical mood-setter” That’s how Jo describes himself as a DJ.

With his selections he understands the emotional connection that music can offer to people and the beautiful nostalgic memories that come along with it.

With his Mother playing piano and his Father playing the guitar Jo has always been significantly influenced by music growing up.

With a natural talent for music, Jo has further sought to develop and master his skill- set over the years with dedicated practice, and education and experience with Sound Engineering / playing in bands / producing music for film / Recording bands in studio.

All of which has vastly benefited the quality of work and sound that he produces and selects.

By far his greatest gift to the art of entertaining and DJing is his uncanny ability to read any room and set the most welcome mood for his valued guests and clients. You’ll be able to see how much he loves what he does, when you’re able to experience what he does.

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