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Western Cape

Based in Cape Town, Kariba performs countrywide and occasionally at international festivals, featuring instrumental and vocal bands for all occasions. Led by multi-instrumentalist William Haubrich (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, euphonium, tuba), Kariba provides an assortment of live music for events, with top musicians and high-quality sound. Reliable, experienced, versatile.


KaribaTar Guitar and Brass

A rare fusion of artistry and functionality, born out of a meeting of diverse musical experiences with a shared quest for excellence. Guitar and brass complement each other providing authentic contemporary, classical, jazz and African flavours. Featuring a large imaginative repertoire, KaribaTar bestows a special dimension that only finely crafted music can provide.

Categories: African, Afro-Jazz, Jazz

Size and Complement:

2-piece: guitar (sometimes vocals) and brass

3-piece: add double bass

4-piece:add drums

KaribaJazz Jazz Group

Lively and elegant. Similar to KaribaTar, but with keyboards instead of guitar.


JazzSize and Complement:

2-piece: keyboards (sometimes vocals) and brass

3-piece: add double bass

4-piece: add drums

Dixie Swingers Trad-jazz Group

Enchanting, accessible and acoustic, with happy toe-tapping tunes from a simpler time. Young and old immediately start bopping to this band!

Categories: Traditional JazzSize and Complement:

3-piece: clarinet, banjo, tuba

4-piece: add trumpet

5-piece: add trombone

KaribaRimba Marimba Band

Combines African marimba/percussion band with brass. A refreshing new direction in the evolution of African music.

Categories: African, Afro-Jazz, World musicSize and Complement:

3-piece: African marimba, mbira, brass, African drums/percussion, light vocals

4-piece: add 2nd marimba

5-piece: add 3rd marimba

6-piece: add saxophone

7-piece: add 2nd drums/percussion

8-piece: add 2nd brass


Function band boasting both professionalism and vigorous energy. Has everything needed to keep the dance floor pumping. Tight rhythm, great vocals, punchy brass with all your favourites. Approachable and interactive.

Experience the difference a truly live band can make!

Categories: Cover/Function, Commercial, South AfricanSize and Complement:

5-piece: vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, brass

6-piece: add guitar

7-piece: add saxophone

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