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Larry Moreira - Pianist


Born with a world class talent, absolute hearing, Larry has decided to pursuit and fulfil his gift and share amongst others. At the age of 4 he was overseen by a piano teacher whilst telling his sister that she was playing it wrong,then decided to put him to the test. He suddenly played the song accordingly and as from that date he started lessons.

He performed in his first communion, in all school events etc…In 1991 he had left the country and that passion stayed on hold.

In 2007 he then got introduced into corporates and started what he left behind. He played for an event at the Saxon hotel for a Japanese Samsung CEO, for corporates in Portugal,currently plays at Bedford centre and other events.Larry is a solo pianist that plays world music and improvises for he has the ability to flow thru ivory keys.


“Larry Moreira has been supportive of our cause and our events on a pro-bono basis. His participation has enhanced and assisted us in our work. In his way, using his talent he has helped us in our cause. I have no hesitation in referring Larry Moreira.

– Manny de Freitas”

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