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Lee Cole


South African singer-songwriter and producer Lee Cole has steadily been making his musical presence known, one pristinely produced pop song at a time. Raised in

Joburg, Lee Cole first gained attention in 2017 through his cover of the hit Akanamali which amassed over 320,000 views on Youtube. In that same year, Lee Cole released

his first string of songs which saw rotation on several of SA's biggest radio stations. With vocal influences ranging from rock titans Queen and AC/DC, to pop icon Michael Jackson, Lee Cole's sound has been shaped by the multiple genres that he's taken in over the years, resulting in a pop-rooted sound that's flecked with his unique vocal


Lee Cole's breakthrough year was in 2020 with the release of his hit singles I Don't Wanna Wait and Pink Dragons, which earned him significant airplay on top radio

stations across South Africa, including 947, KFM, Jacaranda FM, East Coast Radio, Algoa FM, Heart FM, and OFM. Additionally, he had the honor of performing for the Princes Trust, which was another noteworthy achievement of t h eyear.

In 2021, Lee Cole kicked off the year by dropping Honey, Let Me In as his first single, which quickly found its way onto the airwaves and into the charts of major South African radiostations such as 5FM, KFM, Good Hope FM (reaching #1), OFM, Algoa FM (also reaching #1), andothers. Also performing at the SAFTAs (South African Film and Television Awards) in April of that year, Lee Cole's success continued, with the release of Emotional (which charted on Good Hope FM, Jacaranda FM, 5FM, OFM, and more) and then Cold, which went #1 on Algoa FM.

Lee Cole entered 2022 with a series of hit singles, following two years ofoutstanding achievements on the radio charts. He followed this up with an impressive tour of the Eastern a n d W e s t e r n Cape which included a performance at KFM's highly- anticipated KDAY. Lee Cole's success in 2022 continued with the release of No Fear, No Tears, which was featured on playlists and charts nationwide, including KFM, 947, Algoa FM (peaking at #1), Good Hope FM, and East Coast Radio. Lee Cole finished the year on a high note, with a momentous performance at the esteemed Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, where he launched the Summer Concert Series alongside Craig Lucas. In addition, Lee Cole had the opportunity to open for international superstarCalum Scott in Johannesburg.

His latest single, With or Without You, made a remarkable entry into the KFM and East Coast Radio Top 40 charts, and on Algod FM it reached #1, making it one of the

most played local song's on the radio. Lee Cole is actively writing songs for his highly anticipated debut full-length studio album while also staying busy with his demanding performance schedule, eagerly sharing his popular hits with audiences across the country.

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