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Ooh La La


Kerryn Torrance (violin), Brydon Bolton (Double Bass), Matthew Reid (clarinet & sax) and Andre van Vuuren (accordion)Cape Town has a French ensemble!

Let us transport you instantly to the banks of the Seine or the steps of Montmatre with the cafe music of Piav, Aznavour and Legrand. We can play 2 sets of French music, and when that runs out we also play Italian Neapolitans, Viennese waltzes, Dutch, German and Portuguese favourites: anything that lends itself to the accordion…even Balkan and Klezmer music. Andre plays a French Musette accordion. We recently made a cd “Parlez-moi d’Amour” with Bubbles Levinson on vocals.


“We had the most amazing feedback from the guests – your music was just so beautiful and personal… not sure if that description is clear, but I just felt like your music painted such a beautiful intimate picture for our wedding with all our loved ones. Thank you so so much!”

– Vaughan and Nerine

“What can I say…You were all fantastic. We had a wonderful time. It was exactly what I was hoping for.”

– Brett (Murray)

“Wow! Thank you so much: you set the tone for a fabulous party!”

– Marianna Furman

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