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Sibu Mashiloane

Kwazulu Natal

With his catchy, self-written compositions that always aim to blur the line between jazz and other genres Sibusiso “Mash” Mashiloane is quick in winning the hearts and minds of a large public. Him and his band played not only the main stages of the KwaZulu Natal circuit, but also many major jazz festivals and his live performances brought him as far as USA.

As a pianist he appeared with many different groups around the world and was initiating projects of his own. After getting his Masters degree in Jazz Performance and graduating Cum Laude from the University of KwaZulu Natal his aim is now to become an integral part of the South African and international jazz scene. Mash plans to release a seven-track album every year for the next seven years starting with Amanz’ Olwandle in 2016


“A fabulous ride on a scintillating combination of energy and sound……The joy of listening to a passionate, innovative and confident musician is hard to beat. It’s a form of transport to another place where only music exists and every note counts.”

– Gisele Turner, Going Places (about Sibusiso Mashiloane’s master recital)

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