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Sintu Ndzube


Sintu Ndzube is a female saxophone player majoring in music performance and education. Sintu studied music throughout her school career and obtained her Bachelor of Music Degree at the University of Pretoria in the year 2012. Since then, she has been focusing mainly on her career as a performer, playing in corporate functions, weddings, parties, church, lounges, restaurants and exposing herself to various platforms in the performance field.

Sintu does studio recordings, live performances as well as musical theatre. In musical Theatre, she has worked with Africa Umoja and One Square Mile. She has performed solo and also in ensemble work such as horn sections in bands as well as playing in brass bands.

As a performer she has had the privilege of working with well-known artists such as Jeff Maluleke, Dorothy Masuka, Abigail Khubeka, Tu Nokwe, Sliq Angel, Blondie Makhene, African Spear and MXO. She opens herself to playing various styles of music such as jazz, pop, dance music, classical music etc.

Having exposed herself to these various styles of music through playing with different bands and artists.With a wealth of experience as a performer on international stages in countries such as Peru, Sri Lanka and Qatar (Doha). In the year 2018, Sintu was privileged to have been the saxophonist for the cast of Africa Umoja on a tour in the USA. The shows were performed in Washington D.C, Miami, New Orleans, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Houston (Texas). The experience has taught her a lot about the different audiences and their cultures and has taught her how to handle herself as a performer when exposed to different situations and settings.

She is looking forward to releasing her first single entitled “River Deep Genesis”. This is the first song that she has ever composed and is produced by Mr Blondie Makhene. Through working with Blondie Makhene, she got the opportunity to work in collaboration with many other artists in a song entitled “Femicide song”. In this work, musicians come as one voice fighting against women and child abuse. Artists such as Vicky Sampson, Joe Nina, Blondie Makhene, Tu Nokwe, Peter Mokoena, Sam Ndlovu, and many more speak out to the nation through song.

Sintu is currently the saxophonist for Nisa Africa.

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