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Sterling EQ

Western Cape

Known for changing the face of instrumental music in South Africa and beyond with their extraordinary fusion of virtuosity and fresh beats, Sterling EQ boasts four successful releases, three major awards, over 700 live performances since 2007, and thousands of followers worldwide.

The multi award-winning instrumental pop group is made up of electric flautist Carina Bruwer, electric violinist Luca Hart and electric cellist Ariella Caira – three Classically trained virtuosos with dozens of awards, degrees and distinctions between them, who share a passion for the latest beats and pop music trends.

The all-woman supergroup has performed in 11 countries across 4 continents and for live audiences of up to 40,000, and on live broadcasts to millions of global television viewers.

They have plated at SA’s most coveted events, shared stages with global music icons, and enjoying extensive media coverage across all mainstream media.

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