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Steve Graham

KwaZulu Natal

Steve Graham, with over 35 years in the music business and a repertoire of songs too numerous to recall, began his journey as a young musician in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Learning the art of entertaining through the world of rock music, he caught the attention of International Manager/Record Producer Chas Chandler, known for managing and producing Jimi Hendrix and Slade. Chandler, a top-selling artist with The Animals in the sixties, became Steve's mentor, and their collaboration proved invaluable.

The formation of The Steve Graham Band marked a significant chapter, leading to collaborations with industry luminaries such as Sting, the Police, Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Michael MacDonald, Alice Cooper, Jeff Wayne, Electric Light Orchestra, U2, Jools Holland, Rick Wakeman, Dire Straits, Marillion, Status Quo, and more.

After 18 years on the stadium circuit, Steve shifted towards movie and documentary soundtrack composition. During this period, he ventured into producing records for other artists and writing songs for emerging talent. In 2001, major record labels approached him to Artist Develop new talents, a role he continues today. Having established a music and film production company in Dubai, Steve remains passionate about live performance and connecting with music enthusiasts.

Currently based in Ballito, South Africa, Steve introduces his remarkable rock show, "Monsters Of Rock." Featuring stunning video, graphics, and projection images, the show promises to transport audiences on a musical journey back to an era where classic rock songs served as the soundtrack of our lives.

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