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The Girls


A blonde. A sax. A stringing-singing songbird. And more! Cristina Rodrigues teams up with alluring, saxxy performing artist Cathy Del Mei in THE GIRLS: a thrilling cross-performance package of vocals and instrumentals that will relax your slacks and blow your horn. At the same time.

The dynamic pairing of vocals with electric violin and saxophone – and killer looks to go – is an eye-brow raiser for any endearing occasion. Guaranteed. THE GIRLS present a suavely entertaining compilation of crowd-pleasing harmonies that gust between light classical backgrounds and ritzy limelight stealers.

With many years of collective musical experience, Cristina (on vocals and strings) and Cathy (on Sax) bring a refreshing twist of confidence to the floor with their interactive ability to weave smouldering tunes between conversations.

THE GIRLS appearance will not disappoint: from jazzy numbers to afro-chic ensembles, to pop and rock crowd-pleasers, right through to more sophisticated, awe-inspiring tracks. If you can hum it, they can sing it, string it and blow it – all in a day’s work. Whether it be a networking function with cocktails, a dinner invite with bowties and ball gowns or a body-rocking, shooter dropping, call-a-cab dance party, the luminous twosome pride themselves on reading every occasion with the greatest detail.

With this scintillating duo strutting their stuff, clients are assured of a light-hearted, classy affair that’s age appropriate, style appropriate and tailor-made to meet the event. More?

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