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Viwe Mkizwana Ensemble


Early 2009 Viwe Mkizwana and his two friends met at the MIAGI youth orchestra camp and decided to form the Footprint Trio. The founder of MIAGI Robert Brooks encouraged the development of the trio and has been integral to its current growth .In this regard MIAGI (music is a great investment) has been a great support to the Trio since it started, by marketing the trio and the trio had played several functions/events that came through the organization (MIAGI).

The Trio performs a variety of covers, Broadway ,Latin, pop, jazz/African standards and original compositions jointly arranged by the dynamic members of this collective.

The combination of double bass, trumpet, Alto sax lends the Trio a unique sound which fuses jazz and other genres of music. The notable success of this trio stems from a commitment to an energetic, organic style of music creation and performance.

Footprint trio arranged some of this music back in tertiary where they also received musical training in a variety of styles from jazz to popular music. They boast qualifications from the Trinity Guildhall and the Royal School of London, graduates from Tshwane University of technology.

The trio having travelled extensively with the MIAGI Orchestra namely in Africa, Asia and Europe has enhanced the Trio’s understanding and appreciation for music –the craft which propels this group’s collective spiritual journey. Since their formation, the ensemble has performed frequently both in public and for private events.

The members of this trio have had the privilege to be invited to perform at the Moratele Park Jazz Festival, Standard Bank’s Joy of Jazz Festival, UNISA Lunch hour and Played in jazz venues around Johannesburg such as The Orbit home of Jazz, State theatre African and jazz nights, Winnies and soul restaurant, African Freedom Station, Inside out (Soweto), The U-space (Pretoria) CMCM The Trio has received positive publicity were it was invited to play at the SABC News Room on the international Jazz day.

The Footprint Trio has ambitious plans for the future, With a recorded album in the works and various live performances scheduled for 2016, Footprint trio continues to strive toward their goal of reviving an appreciation for music amongst today’s youth.

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