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Virtual Studio and Filming


As we turn to create engaging online content for the new ‘virtual’ space we find ourselves in we require various solutions to the video content that we will use.

Pre-recording is a sensible and slick way to present speakers and artists which ensures that the content that your delegate see will be consistent and highly produced in order to maintain your brand.

This solution is one of the lower-cost solutions in the market place and looks impressive whilst being affordable and not pushing up budgets.

Filmed either on location or in their virtual studio/sound stage close to OR Tambo Airport and edited swiftly after recording.

You can display branding on their LED screen or go with something a little more showbiz and bespoke.

Each video will make your guests feel as though they are watching someone on stage at an event rather than being in their front room.

Pricing depends on the kind of recording that is required

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