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Ben Caesar


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Gauteng & Western Cape

Born on the lush Caribbean island of Dominica, Ben Caesar lived in Amsterdam, St Lucia and London before settling in South Africa where he lived in KZN, Joburg and finished school in Cape Town. This is where he took the first steps in his music career.

While still at school he travelled to New York, Montreal, Switzerland, Paris, Manchester and paid a couple of return visits to the Caribbean to reconnect with his roots there. Caesar channels his unique multicultural experience into his diverse and textured music.

Being raised by a feminist activist mother whose work around issues of sexism, racism, classism, xenophobia, and homophobia, broadened Caesar’sunderstanding and perspective. From a young age, he attended marches, conferences, and meetings with NGO’s and early on began performing at events in support of social justice.

Caesar’s real strength lies in his courage to share his vulnerability. His unique upbringing and his absolute commitment and passion to his art enriches his music which cross-cuts genres and is equally at home in clubs, international museums and social justice platforms.

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