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Radio Kalahari Orkes


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Featuring the talent of IAN ROBERTS, the Radio Kalahari Orkes has toured the length and breadth of our land. No dorp they have visited will ever be the same again.But that’s a good thing. No, really. Except for Pofadder but we won’t talk about that.

Irreverent, toe-tapping musiek that smells, tastes, and sounds like the veld, the air, and the rhythm of windmills on the dusty landscape. Music that is thick with the kick of mampoer jong!

Featuring the Accordion / Trekorrel (sies man what you thinking?), the Fiddle/ Viool (this oke can play -tjoe), Guitar/Kitaar, Drums/Dromme, Castanets ( wat ?), Mouth Organ / Mondorrel (you think you funny with your jokes hey?), Penny Whistle and Bass /Bas.Plus (of kohss) lekker vocals to some brilliant tunes from then and now sung by the pretty Krummelpoppie and the ouens. A little Rock ‘n Roll, Ghoema, Latin, and Africana music in a rainbow fusion.

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