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Singing Telegram


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In this day and age of social media, the personalized message has gone out the window.

With The Singing Telegram Service we bring back that heart-warming feeling by delivering a message face to face.

Birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion, we will tailor make the telegram for your loved ones or company.


“O Sole Mio was never sung so beautifully! Pierre not only made my day, but brought a smile to every face in the office – it is still the topic of conversation around the coffee machine! It has been one of the most thoughtful, unique and surprising experiences I have had in a long time. A winner, every time!“

“The most amazing gift I’ve ever received! This gift will always leave a lasting remembrance of that happy fuzzy feeling inside. The fact that my hubby thought outside the box just blew my mind! Awesome is all I can say! What a lovely idea!”

“Pierre van Heerden is actually an alien in a human body because no human can have such a voice! He made my Valentines day so special with his vibrant personality and unbelievable singing. He is just simply adorable.”

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