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Vantage Duo


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Kwazulu Natal

Tristan Cole Boltman; a 20 year old Durban native, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer who has an undying passion for anything to do with music. After picking up the guitar at the tender age of 6, he has been trying his hand at all musical activities including: musicals, producing, songwriting, participating in numerous musical challenges/competitions and gigging in and around venues in KwaZulu-Natal with his band InDeep.

When growing up, Tristan was heavily exposed to R&B and Pop music, which gives his music an upbeat and positive vibe, as well as having a relatable element when it comes to his lyricism. After evolving from being just a singer/songwriter by adding producing skills to his arsenal in 2019/2020, it has opened many musical doors for the young musician.

Even though music is his life-long passion, Tristan is currently studying towards a LLB degree and loves all things to do with the outdoors and fitness.

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