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When beautiful, petite YAEL walks on stage to sing, you cannot help but be surprised and mesmerized by the power, passion and purity of her voice.

This certainly was the impression of Lifetime-Achievement Awardee, Richard Loring, an ex-West End singer, EMI/Parlophone recording artist and producer of multiple hit musical shows, including “African Footprint”.Recognising YAEL’S star quality, Richard took her under his wing and produced her debut album, Fly Away.

Performing in diverse styles from operatic arias, contemporary to rock, YAEL’S repertoire extends across various languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Afrikaans and Zulu.Born in Apartheid South Africa, YAEL’S passion has been to embrace the diverse cultures of South Africa and, through her artistic talent, to express unity. “I love my country,” says YAEL “and believe that South Africans can show the world that one way to tolerance and peace is love for humanity through music.

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