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Al Prodgers


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Al Prodgers is sought after as a leadership and talent developer whose strategic focus is constructive conversations and spontaneous speaking. He teaches dynamic professionals how to master communication under pressure, instilling confidence and self-mastery, and equipping them with simple, easily applicable tools to succeed when uncertainty strikes.

His Constructive Conversations toolkit shows your team how to avoid the pitfalls of the individual ego, gives a method to stay focused on the common goals and helps the group capture results quickly and easily.

Backed by years of comedy experience, his delivery is light-hearted, positive and affirming. He packs his keynotes with audience interaction which energizes and encourages people to achieve their individual and collective potential in a safe environment.

Al's audiences have praised the warmth and human style with which he delivers his message. They have remarked that the principles are equally applicable when it comes to better personal relationships. He is an agent of change, an influencer and dynamic speaker who captivates the attention of the room and motivates action.

A sampling of his clients includes…Momentum, SAICA, Huawei, Investec & TelkomBook him as a Keynote speaker for your next conference and Al will add value as a hugely experienced MC to seamlessly pilot the day’s events. Watch the champion of personal potential ignite your audience’s passion and energy into roaring fires.


“The anecdotal feedback we received was very positive. The mood in the room shifted as delegates started to appreciate the value of having up-building conversations. It was a positive experience and I believe delegates left with a fresh appreciation for the power of embracing/receiving feedback in a constructive way.”

Michelle Marsh, Field Communications Manager, KFC

“Job well done as always. The value you added was amazing, and the client also commented. Once again thanks for everything.”

Nash Zwambila, Head of Events, Riverbed

“Thank you so much for being part of our event. It really was insightful and our employees enjoyed your talk thoroughly.”

Susan Huyser, Nestle

“This is a skill that everyone needs in their career – no matter where you are or what you’re doing”.

Helen Nicholson, The Networking Company

“A perfect balance of insight, engagement, introspection & fun. The outcome is a deeper understanding of how to be a more effective communicator and a more respectful listener.” Vivienne Bezuidenhout, Executive Creative Director, Wildfire

“We were only exposed to one session with Al, his session was fun and interesting. It was very well researched.”“Awesome people, all of you. Love the energy and passion.”“Very knowledgeable and comes across as a specialist in his role. Someone who is passionate about what he does and an ambassador for being professional.”

Investec, UK Banking Team

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