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Brett StClair


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Brett StClair, the Co-Founder and Chief Connector of, is a former Google and Barclays Executive. He is a seasoned professional in building AI and digital solutions. Brett’s primary passion is to identify the world's Rebel Technologists and assist every business in embracing AI technology.

As the host of the podcast "Rebel Technologist," Brett empowers businesses to understand the essentials of AI adoption. Through his interviews with some of the world's most innovative Rebel Technologists, he uncovers their successes and challenges in integrating Digital and AI technologies.

With 19 years of experience, Brett has been an influential figure on stages worldwide, inspiring business leaders to drive technological change within their organizations. He motivates teams to embark on innovative journeys, aiming for a 10x return on investment.

In his recent AI Adoption Keynotes, Brett has captivated and inspired over 7,500 executives in the past six months, encouraging them to navigate the world of AI. Your business could be next to benefit from his insights.

Outside of crafting AI-powered solutions and engaging in speaking and workshops, he is on the side of a Rugby or Hockey Field as Coach to his Son and Daughter with his Cheerleader Wife Martha, live streaming the games to YouTube of course !


AI Forge - Emma Osman - London AI startup Accelerator

“Brett is an exceptional speaker, effortlessly balancing technical prowess with interpersonal skills. His presence is both inspiring and electrifying, making collaboration with him a truly enriching experience.”

InterCity Technology - Charlie Blakemore - CEO

“Very impressive talk today really enjoyed your style how you conveyed the insights of AI and your audience engagement was 10/10“

Capital Hotels - Jose Soares - Director of IT

"Brett's AI keynote left us thrilled and slightly spooked! AI is set to flip the world, hopefully for the better, at warp speed. Our business is diving headfirst into the AI rabbit hole, poised to harness its immense potential. Thanks, Brett, for the wild ride! 🚀🤖 #AIRevolution”

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