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Dr Steve Harris


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Western Cape

Dr Steve Harris’ presentations and workshops aim at thriving in any context. If you are already thriving, he will give you the ingredients to accelerate away from the opposition. The secret lies in achieving and accruing marginal gains by applying his Mental Toughness lessons to your competitive differentiators like leadership, organizational culture, strategy, teamwork, technology, knowledge, sales and service excellence.

In Dr Harris’ motivational presentations, he draws on mental toughness as the underpinning architecture to introduce and expand on the client’s subject needs. He will build out on this need and use it as a competitive differentiator to help the client thrive.

Examples of client needs are; Leadership, strategy, technology, sales, service excellence, teamwork Service excellence, change management, wellness, and responsibility versus accountability.

In this lively and entertaining motivational presentation, Dr Harris draws on mental toughness as the underpinning architecture to introduce success and significance requirements for thriving in 2017. As a competitive differentiator, mental toughness helps you to thrive and a lack of it can lead to relative failure. He provides imagery, reference points and entertainment by drawing on a variety of relevant sport and business examples. Personal significance is created by adding some of my his experiences.

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