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Dr Tshidi Gule


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Western Cape

Doctor G for Goodness Sake

A doctor on a mission to make South Africa healthy

Dr Tshidi Gule is an accomplished medical practitioner and wellness strategist who encourages leaders to think outside the box when tackling employee wellness issues. As an independent medical consultant and current Chief Medical Officer at LeGulo Africa, her exemplary work with organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic has received recognition from the Advisory Council of Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa.

Dr G, as she is affectionately known, has spent more than 80,000 hours designing, developing, and deploying workplace health models for multiple sectors within Africa.

She is a sought-after wellness expert and speaker whose special focus areas includes resilience management, health education, COVID-19 health and safety, leadership support, and training.

She describes her passion for wellness as contagious, with an unshakeable belief that wellness is an asset that all companies cannot do without.

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