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Griselda Kananda


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Criselda is a mother, Businesswoman, Inspirational Speaker and broadcaster. She has been actively involved in Positive campaigns for human development, human rights and social cohesion.

This has compelled her to study immunity and continues to investigate the research available regarding Nutrition, Behaviour, including progression of HIV to AIDS. Criselda has made simplified health education her personal mission.

She has works with different government departments, as well as the corporate sector on implementing workplace wellness programs nationally and internationally. She’s also been actively involved in the fight for the rights of people who are both HIV positive and HIV negative.

In her pursuit of health advocacy she became compelled to study immunity and AIDS progression as well as investigated the available research regarding nutrition and human behaviour and studied towards psycho-neuron immunology, health and positive living.

She holds certificates in management development from The Gordon Institute of SA, project management, direct marketing and business communications. Currently studying two degrees Bachelor of Human Ecology and Bachelor of communication science.

She left a successful career in sales and marketing, while heading a direct marketing business unit for SA Post Office, to advocate for wellness for the greater good and human development. Her pursuits in her ambitions have resulted in many invitations to speak and present papers at many a conferences and meetings, including a meeting for the SADEC Health Ministers on wellness.

Ms. Kananda, in 2016 and 2017 was appointed by the First Lady of Ghana to speak and facilitate at OAFLA- Organisation of African First Ladies dialogue in Ghana and Addis Ababa.

She was a Contributing editor and columnist for Media24’s Real Magazine and City Press, including caxton’s Bona Magazine translated in 4 different languages for 8years.

She travelled to eighteen countries around the continent with Metro-FM, introducing the concept of using radio as an effective medium in curbing diseases through simplified health education.

She was acclaimed one of ten most influential South African Women in 2007 by City Press and RAPPORT and the former first lady, Mrs Zanele Mbeki acknowledged her contribution towards the up-liftment of young women in South Africa as an ambassador for the Young South African Women in Dialogue in 2007.

Former President Nelson Mandela referred to Criselda as the light for the world.

She was named an Iconic Woman in social development 2009 by Olay International, Feather Awards recognized her one as role model of the year 2009 and heroine of the year 2010.

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