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Janet Sawari


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Janet is the CEO and founder of TAIR Labs ; an AI Research and Innovation Lab based in Cape town. She is a serial entrepreneur a recent Harambean for the 2023 class, she sits on the Women in ICT board, is an Inspiring 50 2022 honoree, and the AI contributor for The Yuan AI tech platform.

Janet is the visionary behind an AI-assisted labeling,model training & collaborative tool that enables anyone to build an AI with no code. This is TAIR Labs latest product called X-VSN, pronounced 'X-Vision'. Her vision is to enable businesses across industries to succeed quickly and efficiently with the power of computer vision. Her venture plans to explore innovations for healthcare,security and disrupt the industrial sector.

Miss Sawari advocates for STEM education access, pan-African innovation, and leveraging AI to develop a new wave of industrialization on the African Continent.

Her ambitions for social impact and gender inclusivity and diversity for youth in tech are evident through her efforts to produce a technical documentary about AI in Africa.

With an MBA in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from Shanghai Jiaotong, a masters from the University of Liverpool and a bachelors from Zhejiang university of science and technology Janet's appetite for driving innovation is unwavering and her vision for the continent clear.

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