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Juanita Vorster


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In 2011 Juanita started her journey from employee to self-employed to employer without any managerial experience or business administration qualifications. Her early business decisions were merely guided by her intuition and in line with her principles:

• Say yes to opportunities without making promises you can't keep.

• Do what you know while adding to what you know.

• Play well with others.

• Measure results, not effort.

• Keep it simple.

Juanita’s approach proved to be successful, as the company has reported profitable growth every year since its inception with very low churn in staff and clients. Her consistent results and knack for simplified, practical solutions to complex business problems soon had other business leaders asking Juanita for advice on issues including strategy, operational efficiency, human resources, product development, reputation management, future industry trends and more.

Juanita is a Certified Director® and certified Ethics Officer, co-author of two quick-read business books, author of a number of articles published by highly respected publications, and a former radio programme host. She is still very much involved in running her company and uses the lessons she learns from it to keep her advice and stories practical and fresh.

On stage and in the classroom Juanita combines her "old millenial" energy and point of view with the tried and tested fundamentals that underpin her success.


“Thank you, Juanita. It was a hugely successful session with some key strategies and action plans flowing from it. I agree that the future of the Institute is bright. Exciting times ahead.”

“Juanita’s topic tied in perfectly with the rest of our session and I received positive feedback from the participants.”

“Thank you Juanita for respecting us and going the extra mile in preparing your presentation.”

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