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Macfarlane Moleli


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Macfarlane Moleli

• Macfarlane has spent the last two decades building a reputation as an investigative journalist.

• He currently anchors Carte Blanche, which is South Africa’s longest-running investigative journalism program, with a history spanning 30 years.

• Before that, he worked for Kaya FM, SABC3 News, 180degrees on SABC News International, and ENCA, Africa’s first and most successful 24-hour news channel.

• Building on a successful career in journalism and a reputation for taking the corrupt to task, Macfarlane joined the KMMRCE Africa Team.

Mac has extensive knowledge and experience as a social entrepreneur due to his passion for affecting change in the environments he works in. He has worked with the world trade center Association to bring South Africa's first community banking platform Imbongi Bank. At the time, the purpose of the bank was to allow poor unbanked communities access to banking solutions while helping them become self sufficient.

This same passion to make a difference in his community, allowed Mac to leave the Mic and Tv screens for 2 years as part of a project to help children upgrade their Maths marks. The aim of this project was to preparw children for Africa's first and only Maritime university.

As a media personality with a vast knowledge of curremt affairs Mac has also carved himself a niche in crisis management and media training. Through this work Mac has trained hundreds of CEO's, Entrepreneurs and executives on how to engage with the media, especially during times of crisis.

Macfarlane also prides himself as the Chairman of the Footprints Foundation, an NGO which supplies more than 300 thousand school girls with more than 1.3 million sanitary pads yearly in South Africa. A role which he hold close to his heart as it forms part of the "Always Keeping A Girl Child In School" campaign.

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