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Michael Cowen


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Michael Cowen, CEO of, is a driving force in the AI revolution. With a background in leadership roles at Deloitte Digital and Mindshare, he's also an experienced entrepreneur, having founded five startups.

Now, he's shifted gears to lead Global AI Business, applying his groundbreaking 'Philosophy of Flow' to change traditional business norms.

Founded in late 2019, not only weathered the pandemic but emerged stronger. Michael's radical leadership involved applying AI's philosophical principles to define the company's decentralised structure, exponential culture, and modern ways of working.

This innovative approach has enabled to deliver game-changing benefits to its clients. Michael lives in Johannesburg, is still happily married to his first wife, and is a proud parent to two teenage boys. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, Michael remains committed to steering businesses towards success in this new era, urging them to embrace agility and innovation.

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