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Nick Dreyer


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Western Cape

Having co-founded Veldskoen Shoes I am privileged to have seen a business grow from a 2x2m office in Cape Town to a global footwear brand selling in 32 countries. It all started as a side hustle but with key strategies and a value set learned across my diverse career grew to be South Africa’s most exported footwear business. I’m a late starter as an entrepreneur and am grateful for my spectacular failures pre Veldskoen.

As CEO of Veldskoen my job is to make sure our incredibly talented and driven team have all the tools to meet our goal, to be the most loved and globally recognised South African Brand in the world.

I am passionate about sharing the Veldskoen story, it is filled with hope and lessons of encouragement for everyone interested in business. I have developed a number of keynote speeches that unpack the story, the lessons and the simple tools that we have found successful.


What a humble, positive, feel good SA Story…from small beginnings…. So good to hear . ..may they continue to go from strength to strength in this manner… Thanks again.

WHAT a wonderful,inspirational speaker👏 👏 wow, so refreshing to have someone with so much HEART, ETHICSAND ENTREPRENEURSHIP!!! We were on the edge of our seats with excitement!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the brief talk on stage and super impressed by what you guys have done at Veldskoen Shoes! An excellent case study that will be widely referenced for years to come I’m sure!

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