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Nicky Abdinor


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Born without arms, not without attitude!

Nicky Abdinor is an expert on doing MORE, with less. If you are a conference or event planner, looking for a STAND OUT inspirational speaker, Nicky Abdinor is your ideal candidate.

Her expertise as a Clinical Psychologist places her at an advantage; not only does Nicky have an EXCEPTIONAL personal story to tell, she does so in a way that enables the audience to take away key skills to create sustainable change in our attitudes, beliefs, and emotions.

Nicky delivers a message that is authentic and captivating, with lessons that are easily translated into actions in our careers and personal lives. With her witty sense of humor and natural speaking ability, Nicky not only keeps the attention of the audience but also spurs them to action!


 Reigniting self-belief

 Focusing on what you CAN do

 Tolerating uncertainty

 Mastering bravery

 Adapting to change

 Adopting an attitude of gratitude

Nicky prides herself as being an accessible speaker to the client. She believes a strong briefing pre-conference is essential to understanding the organisation’s culture, values and challenges. This ensures a keynote talk that is bespoke to your audience and conference theme.


Absolutely fabulous speaker! We have asked Nicky to speak at our events in both the Northern & Southern hemispheres and the results have been consistent – everyone loves Nicky! Super smart speaker that uses humour to drive her important messages home. Oozes authenticity and humility (which is why she is a personal favourite of mine!).

Tania Seary, Founder of Procurious (Australia)

Nicky has a wonderful gift to connect to each and every person in the audience. Her talk is heartfelt and sincere and it touches the hearts of everyone. She also has the rare ability to speak to all levels of an organisation at once. I left inspired to live my life to the full!

Mariki Schwiebus, Communication Manager, PEP HEAD OFFICE

Nicky has the ability to connect with and inspire audiences across multiple geographies, cultures, languages and genders.  Nicky’s ability to deliver key messages through emotional personal experiences has meant that the audience instantly connected with her which has led to no less than three standing ovations.  Regardless of conference theme or specific industry, Nicky’s connection with the audience is one that would leave people with self-reflection, belief, inspiration and above all motivated both in one’s personal or work environment. As the client, Nicky makes me the hero of any event. Certainly the one in a million find in keynote speakers. Nicolas Le Roux, Travelport (Middle East & South Asia)

“Since your inspiring keynote at SAP Ariba Live in Amsterdam, I have repeated, quoted and coined many of your insights internally and externally. Procurement executives of the futureneed to be inspirational coaches and change agents, equipped with building strong and empowered relationships with their suppliers and stakeholders.  They require purpose, positivity, self-belief and fortitude to tolerate uncertainty while remaining agile and fun leaders. You are the epitome and role model for these “superpowers!” I would like to express my thanks for your energy, humour, motivation, resilience and for being such an impressive and impactful raconteur. I left your orbit as a stronger leader!”

Nandini Basuthakur, CEO, Procurement Leaders™ (UK)

Nicky spoke to an audience of around 1200 people aged from 4 through to adults at Bridge House Founders’ Day. Despite the range of age-groups, she had us mesmerized throughout her story. Our theme was “Gratitude”, and Nicky’s message moved us, amused us and uplifted us. She is a wonderful role-model and her infectious optimism is exactly the kind of inspiration we need in our country right now. We recommend her as a keynote speaker without reservation.

Mike Russell, Headmaster: Bridge House School

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