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Nontuthuko Mhlungu


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Nontuthuko Mhlungu's career is a testament to her remarkable adaptability and commitment to personal and professional development. Originally trained as an attorney, she made a strategic shift into the realms of Communications and Personal Branding within the Financial Services Sector, showcasing a diverse skill set that uniquely positions her in the industry. With a decade of experience under her belt, Nontuthuko not only possesses a deep understanding of her field but also boasts a proven track record of success. Her dynamic background enables her to connect effectively with audiences spanning various industries and backgrounds.

Nontuthuko's presentations are characterized by a professional and engaging style, making her a standout choice as both a Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies. Her expertise is well- suited for corporate events and industry seminars, reflecting her ability to navigate and contribute meaningfully to diverse professional settings.


Llewellyn du Plessis – CEO, CN & CO Events

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Nontuthuko Mhlungu, who served as the presenter for the CN&CO events virtual conference, InsureTalk. As a regular series hosting over 2000 virtual delegates each month, InsureTalk required an exceptional MC and host, and Nontuthuko delivered outstandingly.

Nontuthuko's experience as a marketing professional was evident throughout the conference. Her deep understanding of the subject matter and the industry allowed her to engage the audience effectively, ensuring that the content was delivered in a manner that was both informative and captivating. Her ability to simplify complex topics and communicate key messages in a clear and concise manner contributed to the overall success of the event.

One of Nontuthuko's greatest strengths as an MC is her vibrant energy. She approached each session with an infectious enthusiasm that kept the audience engaged and energized. Her dynamic presence on the virtual stage created a positive and welcoming environment for delegates, making them feel connected and invested in the discussions. Nontuthuko's ability to energize and motivate both the speakers and the audience was a key factor in the success of InsureTalk.

Not only did Nontuthuko excel in the virtual setting, but she also proved to be an exceptional MC during live events. Her professionalism, strong stage presence, and ability to adapt to different environments made her an invaluable asset in creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees.

In summary, Nontuthuko Mhlungu is a highly experienced marketing professional with a passion for her work. Her drive, vibrant energy, and exceptional skills as an MC and host contributed immensely to the success of the InsureTalk virtual conference. I highly recommend Nontuthuko for any future events where her expertise and dynamic presence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Alicia Narainsamy – Executive Head of Digital Innovation, Santam

Working with Nontuthuko as an MC /host has been an absolute pleasure. Her ability to bring diverse audiences together is truly remarkable. With her exceptional professionalism and articulate

communication style, Nontuthuko effortlessly commands the stage and ensures that every event she hosts is a memorable experience. Her captivating presence and engaging personality create an atmosphere of excitement and unity. Nontuthuko’s dedication to her craft shines through in her meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every event runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Christelle Colman – CEO, Ami Underwriting Managers

Nontuthuko Mhlungu: A vibrant force, transforming stages with her remarkable presence and pioneering insights that leave audiences inspired and empowered.

John Priston, Program Head at Fextons Group

We had the pleasure of working with Nontuthuko Mhlungu at our 8th AIF2024 forum, where she served as an exceptional host and moderator. Her skills were truly commendable, particularly her ability to engage the audience and maintain lively discussions. During panel moderation, Nontuthuko displayed a deep understanding of the subject matter and expertly guided the conversation, ensuring that valuable insights were shared.

Throughout the event, Nontuthuko’s professionalism, charisma, and dedication to delivering a top- notch experience were evident. Her contribution was invaluable, and I personally appreciate her efforts. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

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