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Brad Cunningham: SUCCESS LOOPS – Instrumental Inspiration.


It all started about 7 years ago while messing around with a looping pedal & a guitar, Brad had a huge epiphany and realized that everything in life is cyclical – ‘life loops’


Add his overwhelming empathic urge for loving humanity & a strong desire to facilitate collective success globally.


Include an obsession with finding deeper truths for optimizing Fulfilment, Freedom & Prosperity & uncovering Unconventional Strategies for living a fuller inspired life.


To date Brad Cunningham is the only Motivational Speaker to pioneer “Instrumental Inspiration”, a unique initiativethat takes his audience on an empowering journey.


Brad has shared stages with international speakers like Robin Banks, Mike Handcock, Landi Jac and Cobus Visser.


Brad advocates understanding on subjects like healthier mindsets, balanced optimism, greater awareness, elevated corporate culture, applied success strategy and also empowered relationships.


Brad has a philanthropist heart and a huge love for humanity. His intention is to ease suffering and awaken the prosperity potential in the hearts, minds and bodies of everyone he meets. He just wants to uplift, inspire, empower and impact.



Brad and Success Loops earned first runner up (2nd place) in the international competition 'Entrepreneur X Factor 2021' missing first place by just two points.


The company 'Coursemarks' graded our online course '3 Keys To Sustained Success' in the top 4% out of 94,680 courses and rated it 9.4 out of 10.


MEA Business Awards 2022 selected Success Loops as “Best Keynote Speaking & Professional Coaching Organisation - South Africa. Inspired Innovative Philanthropist.”


Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023 awarded Brad and Success Loops “Professional Training Provider of the Year.”





“I owe it to Brad Cunningham for inspiring me to take on the challenge and promote myself and my God given talent… I met you a year ago and we probably spoke for about ten minutes but that 10 minutes changed my LIFE!!! You are indeed one of the most inspirational people that I have ever met and I believe you have answered your calling with your new venture, Success Loops. Thank you for all your time and advice. You are AWESOME!!!”– Bruce Marx

“I have known the man for near 15 years. There is a legend in the flesh. Brad Cunningham is one of the awesome humans I have ever met! I use the word awesome in the original meaning, one stands in awe when beholding this man.”– Tobias Viljoen

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